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UFC 2: No Way Out

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Part II (later renamed UFC 2: No Way Out) was a mixed martial arts (MMA) event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on March 11, 1994, at Mammoth Gardens inDenverColorado.

UFC 2 featured a sixteen-man tournament format, the first and only one in UFC's history, with the winner receiving $60,000.
The first seven bouts were not aired on the live pay-per-view broadcast, but were on the home video version.
The tournament had no weight classes or weight limits. Matches had no time limit or rounds, therefore no judges were used.
Competitors could only win a match by submission, by the opponent's corner throwing in the towel, or by knockout.
UFC 2 marked the debut of referee Big John McCarthy, arguably the most famous referee in the sport of MMA.
Since this was the only 16-man tournament in UFC history, Royce Gracie is the only person to have ever fought and won 4 fights in 1 night in the UFC.


Weight classMethodRoundTimeNotes
Royce Graciedef.Patrick SmithSubmission (punches)1:17
Patrick Smithdef.Johnny RhodesSubmission (guillotine choke)1:07
Royce Graciedef.Remco PardoelSubmission (lapel choke)1:31
Patrick Smithdef.Scott MorrisKO (elbows)0:30
Johnny Rhodesdef.Fred EttishSubmission (rear-naked choke)3:07[a]
Remco Pardoeldef.Orlando WietKO (elbows)1:29
Royce Graciedef.Jason DeLuciaSubmission (armlock)1:07
Opening Round
Scott Morrisdef.Sean DaughertySubmission (guillotine choke)0:20
Patrick Smithdef.Ray WizardSubmission (guillotine choke)0:58
Johnny Rhodesdef.David LevickiSubmission (punches)12:13
Frank Hamakerdef.Thaddeus LusterSubmission (armlock)4:52
Orlando Wietdef.Robert LucarelliTKO (corner stoppage)2:50
Remco Pardoeldef.Alberta Cerra LeonSubmission (armlock)9:51
Jason DeLuciadef.Scott BakerSubmission (punches)6:41
Royce Graciedef.Minoki IchiharaSubmission (lapel choke)5:08
  1.  Frank Hamaker was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Fred Ettish.

UFC 2 bracket

Opening RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
Scott MorrisSUB
Sean Daugherty0:20
Scott Morris0:30
Patrick SmithKO
Patrick Smith (Taekwondo)SUB
Ray Wizard0:58
Patrick SmithSUB
Johnny Rhodes1:07
Johnny RhodesSUB
David Levicki12:13
Johnny RhodesSUB
Fred Ettish 13:07
Frank HamakerSUB
Thaddeus Luster4:52
Patrick Smith1:17
Royce GracieSUB
Orlando WeitTKO
Robert Lucarelli2:50
Orlando Weit1:29
Remco PardoelKO
Remco PardoelSUB
Alberto Cerra Leon9:51
Remco Pardoel1:31
Royce GracieSUB
Jason Delucia (Kung fu)SUB
Scott Baker6:41
Jason Delucia1:07
Royce GracieSUB
Royce Gracie (BJJ)SUB
Minoki Ichihara5:08
1 Frank Hamaker was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Fred Ettish.

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