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The Ultimate Fighter 2

The Ultimate Fighter 2 was the second season of the mixed martial arts reality television series The Ultimate Fighter. The season featured a heavyweight and a welterweight division, with 9 fighters initially in each division. The UFC coaches for this season were welterweight and middleweight champions Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin. Season 1 coach and former UFC champion Randy Couture hosted and designed the team challenge segments, which if won would allow the winning team to pair a fighter from their team against another in elimination matches. The finale aired on November 5, 2005, and it set a ratings record for the UFC with a 2.0 overall rating. This season featured no coaches' fight because Hughes and Franklin had refused to fight each other, owing to their friendship. Although released on DVD in 2005, it has been set for re-release on September 18, 2007
For many years, Season 2 was the only season where all fights that took place were considered as professional MMA bouts by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, this has recently been changed and they are now considered to be exhibition bouts.

The Ultimate Fighter 2: Ep. 1 A New Crop

 The Ultimate Fighter 2: Ep. 2 The Teams Are Picked

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 3 No Pain, No Gain

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 4 Strategy

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 5 Leave It In The Octagon

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 6 Slugfest

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 7 No Respect

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 8 Knees and Elbows

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 9 Mental Game

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 10 Semi Final #1: Killer Instinct

The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 11 Semi Final #2 Bloody Brawl

 The Ultimate Fighter® 2: Ep. 12 Semi Finals #3 & 4: Countdown

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